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This scene from Dave Chappell’s stand up is featuring his view’s on racism. It inspired me because it takes a more humorous approach on how the topic is an issue.



Weekly Post

I can honestly say that I am considered one of those unethical users of the internet. I use it to download music all the time. It just gets to the point where if you feel that nobody is being harmed physically, its becomes socially ok.


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Racism’s Impact on Mental Health Annotation

The affects of racism on mental health were first addressed in 1969 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Several of the APA’s African American members band together a protest to receive all rights and privileges that were granted to APA members. African American members insisted on immediate steps to improve the mental health care of African-American patients(Carter 544). The APA responded positively by appointing African-American psychiatrists as observer-consultants to the various councils, boards,and task forces for tenures of 2 years (Carter 544).

Carter, James H. “Racism’s Impact on Mental Health.” JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 86.7 (1994): 543-47. Web. 21 Mar. 2012. <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2607595/pdf/jnma00407-0069.pdf&gt;.

Racism and Health

How does racism affect the health of an individual? After watching Jane Elliott perform her well known “angry eye” experiment, it inspired me to go into more depth about how race affects social barriers.


Black Hawk Down

Black hawk down is a fictional war movie that takes place in Somalia, Mogadishu. In the film the US army elite soldiers are faced with severe problems when nothing goes according to plan. The army rangers were to go and capture a local warlord in the east African state but are unable to continue the mission when a black hawk helicopter is shot down by a RPG (Remote Propelled Grenade). At this point, the whole aspect of the mission changes from a “search and capture” to a search and rescue mission. So who do you call when the elite are in trouble? You call the double elite or army delta force for back up. The delta force soon was able to put the odds back in American favor but it was a short lived win the US. At the time Bill Clinton is president and under order of the Master and Chief, he withdraws all US soldiers from the country in 1994, resulting in the deaths of 18 American soldiers and over 1,000 casualties in the whole country.

Weekly Post

The most recent assignment given was to find and interview an individual who lives in one of the three counties. I decided to choose Robeson County, North Carolina for personal reasons. The past few weeks I found it difficult trying to find an interviewee, but i decided to interview the locals at the head shop right up the street from UNC Pembroke.

Jane Elliott’s Racism Test

Just recently a YouTube video was posted featuring Jane Elliott’s racism experiment. This experiment takes an unusual approach to the myth of white supremacy. The test is designed to put blue-eyed people in a discriminating environment against brown-eyed people. The blue-eyed group is treated as if they are ignorant, argumentative, and non-proper human beings, while the brown-eyed group get to sit on a pedestal and be treated as segregation was in the 50’s and 60’s for the white American. She has tried her experiment in various countries including North America. It seems to have a great effect on the racist community and despite her old age, she plans to continue her experiments in hopes of continuous change within the racist  Continue reading